Energy Day 2018

Since its first edition in 2008, TTMs Energy Day Brasov developed into one of the major renewable energy related conferences in Romania.


SC REPOM srl (Renewable Energy Production - Operation and Management) is a Brasov, Romania based limited liability ...

Company Structure

Shareholders represent Romanian citizens, already engaged in the production of energy from renewable sources, as ...

  • Energy-Production and -Trading Services
    • Energy Production Forecast

    • Optimization of Energy Production (i.e. scheduling of downtime)

    • Energy Dispatching

  • On-Site Services – Facility Management
    • Contact to local administration, NGOs and residents

    • Safeguarding and security

    • Supervision and visual inspection of installation and equipment

    • „First Level“ support and intervention

  • Monitoring of Manufacturer / Service supplier
    • Monitoring of equipment and react to alarm messages

    • Monitoring the quality of the produced energy

    • Monitoring of the characteristics diagrams