Services in Detail

REPOM’s services cover the entire operational works concerned with the operation and management of power plants producing energy from renewable sources (such as wind, solar, hydro, biogas, biomass) in Romania. Specifically, REPOM’s services consist of:


Energy-Production and -Trading Services

Core business of every power plant is the production of energy and sale of energy of the energy produced as well as the green certificates granted for such operation in Romania. This consists of:

  • Forecasting and Optimizing Energy Production
  • Energy Dispatching in communication with the National Energy Dispatcher
  • Energy and Green Certificate Trading bilateral or at OPCOM

On-Site Services – Facility Management

It is vital for the safe operation of power plant investments that there is a continuous surveillance of the equipment itself as well as the safe operation. Facility Management onsite secures fast reaction time on whatever incident and insures knowledge about all parties involved – from residents to service personnel:

  • Supervision and visual inspection of installation and equipment
  • Support and immediate intervention
  • Supervision of third-party service personnel during on-site activities
  • Contact to local administration, NGOs and residents
  • Safeguarding and security

Monitoring and supervision

Continuous operation of the power plant – this is what you are looking for and REPOM is striving for. This means reducing downtime through monitoring operation and taking action through our service personnel. It is as important to schedule necessary maintenance and corrective actions during times with less production resp. lower energy trading revenues. Our services include:

  • Monitor the status of installed equipment and react to alarm messages
  • Condition monitoring of main components of the equipment
  • Performing preventive and corrective maintenance, inspections and certifications
  • Monitoring the quality of the produced energy


The owner of a power plant has to be informed – independently from information received from the service-provider – on the operation of the plant as well as on each and every failure and the respective actions taken. In addition, there are mandatory reports to be distributed to the various authorities in Romania.

  • Reporting on all breakdowns / defects / maintenance
  • Elaboration of monthly reports on production, availability and service
  • Elaboration of formal information and formal reports for the local, regional and national administration / authorities, energy distributor, Transelectrica, ANRE etc.

Legal Services

REPOM does not provide legal services – but we employ a legal counselor to be able to act and react on various issues concerning the “formal” correspondence with third parties as well as authorities. This includes:

  • Managing contracts and Monitoring the validity and eventually renewing / updating of qualifications, authorizations, permits and licenses
  • Exercising any warranty and insurance claims

Financial Services (power generation related)

As with the legal services REPOM does not provide financial advisory services. But we provide every financial and controlling service in preparation for any bookkeeping issue. This includes:

  • Preparation of invoicing, Monitoring of payments, Checking supplier invoices and issuing payments
  • Preparation of documentation for accounting
  • Financial reporting

Consulting Services

Despite of the operational services REPOM management provides general consulting services for the owners on any issue concerning the further development of the investment.