Energy Day 2018


10th Energy Day Brasov


REPOM’s 10th edition of Energy Day Brasov will be held on Friday and Saturday, 16 and 17 March 2018 in Kronwell Hotel, Brasov.

REPOM dedicates this anniversary-edition of Energy Day Brasov to the future development of the energy market:

  •  based on European Union’s vision of the European Energy Union and   EU’s 2030 and 2050 energygoals,
  •  taking into account Romania’s Energy Strategy for 2030 and its implementation over the next years and
  • envisioning the future of Energy 4.0 – the development into CO2-free di stributed generation including prosumers, smart and highly efficient transmission on a fully liberalized and liquid market, storage and efficient energy consumption in industry and private households – including coupling with other areas like public and private transportation and thermal appliances – not to forget the impact of evolving smart contract and blockchain technology on energy market.

A press conference with Romanian national broadcasting stations, print- and online media will be held in course of the conference.


Nine consecutive events – starting from 2008 – created more and more interest on a national and international levelamongst investors in Romania’s renewable energy sector. Representatives from Romanian Government, Parliament,energy-related Administration and Associations as well as Experts from abroad presented their respective view onRomania’s energy market focusing on renewable energy and discuss with the audience about changes in laws and regulations – but also on technological and market development trends introduced from abroad – like EnergyEfficiency or Energiewende, just to name a few…

Over time, Energy Day Brasov developed into one of the most acknowledged conferences on energy in Romaniaand into one out of the most important events in Brasov.


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